Sunday, 28 August 2011


Recently I hae been watching these amazing youtube videos about a group of women that swap handmade craft projects mainly altered boxes on a monthly basis. These boxes also contained craft supplies that appeared to me at least to be newly bought specifically for that exchange.

These videos excited me on many levels. Just the thought of receiving such a package myself not only brought tears to my eyes but created such a longing deep within my heat! I want happy mail too!! I want to share my talents with people who would truly appreciate the time and effort that went into them. I soo could see myself doing this.

My first inclination was to find out how to join this already established swap group but the thought of a monthly deadline was enough of a reson to give me pause. For me anyhow to do a project justice and to fill the box with goodies specifically tailored to my swap sister wouild take more than a mere month.

This got me thinking... What if there were a swap group that existed that not only swapped on a two or three month basis, exchanged hand made gifts and shared supplies from our stashes that we are not currently using and that we know another sister would just die for. All with the goal in mind of keeping the shipping costs very low and if you must buy then do so at sales, resale shops, garage sales etc. How wonderfully challenging that would be and just thinking of happy mail makes me squee!

So on my ustream show I had mentioned this idea to the community there a couple of times and there was an interest in moving forward with the swap and hence this blog post.

I am going to keep things simple. First of all I am looking for another moderator(s) to run this with me. If you are interested please send me a direct message on twitter @morganlefaegaia.

A google group will be created specifically for this swap as well as a seperate email address. Please find these located below

Secret Sister Stash Swap Group


  1. Swaps are to be made within a 3 month period. If you need more time no worries just le the moderators know and we will contact your swap sister to inform her.

  2. There will be a different theme for each swap (approximately 4 per year)

  3. A database will be set up on the group. Please fill this out with as much detail as possible. The more we know about you the more your swap can be tailored to you.

  4. We encourage you to be as creative and as thrifty as possible with your swaps. Buy new as little as possible.

  5. Please make a video for Youtube, a stream on Ustream or a detailed entry on your personal blog.


  1. Follow the current swap's theme

  2. Remember to sign and date your projects. Please include your email and or your blog so that we know who exactly who made this project.

I am so excited for this new swapping venture! I look forward to seeing happy videos and squeals of delight!



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