Wednesday, 17 April 2013

To My Own Spirit Be True

An Open Letter to the Art Community on Ustream and Elsewhere:

Hi There Fellow Artists!

I feel the need to share a bit about my current goings on about art.

I love the Ustream/Youtube Artistic Community.  Both my show on Ustream and my Youtube Channel are named Morgan's Fancies where I have in the past posted artwork videos on topics that struck my fancy.  Well I am a time and a place on my journey where my fancies lay in continuing to explore my own path without fear or the need to limit myself or my art. 

I am a spiritual creature and that spirit is Pagan wild and free through and through.  Unfortunately for the last year or so I have let that spirit slowly wither away as I struggled to contain my spirituality, to cage it so to speak.   I have come to realize that my struggle to contain my art and my spirituality  came about because of a struggle I had encountered within the art community I belonged to (and still do).  In this wonderful community of artists the subject of religion is taboo and people had problems with the subject matter of my art.  I ended up making a short video which I posted both on Ustream and Youtube about this.

Anyway I find looking back that I was severely triggered by this incident  and much I would love to say that I have moved on I have to be totally honest with you all and myself  and say that old issues have reared their nasty heads and have not been effectively dealt with.  So here I am longing for my fire, my inspiration and my enthusiasm but these truly are all currently out of reach because I let my shadow issues pull me away from everything and everybody. 

I have been really busy at work for the last month or so hence no streams.  I have also used this time to re-evaluate some things and have come to some conclusions.

I will continue to stream but my stream will be religion friendly.  I welcome discussion on the topic of religion.. no matter what the religion but there will be some ground rules.

1. Respectful Discussion is welcomed and encouraged.  We do not all believe the same things all that I ask is that people be mindful of their words and attitudes when it comes to a differing opinion than their own.  If you find yourself unable to do so then by all means do not attend my streams.

2. No One Way is better than the other.  Agree to disagree in a respectful manner.  If you are uncomfortable with the vies of others do not watch.

I will return to streaming soon but will hopefully be much better prepared with themes and projects posted before hand that way if you choose to attend you are well warned ahead of time.

Here is a list of possible projects in the near futre:

  • Goddess Wish Box
  • My Favorite Things Mixed Media Mosaic
  • Faery Tags and other projects
  • Wheel of the Year Cards
  • Clay Censor
  • Clay Goddess Statue
  • Goddess Stones
  • Elemental Bottle
  • BOS Covers and Pages
I will be posting on my blog(s) more information, inspiration, thoughts and poetry  pertaining to my own pagan path.  I welcome you to join me on this journey or not as you so choose.  I myself have made a commitment to never again try to contain my spirit into someone else's idea of what I should or should not be.

Thanks so much for sticking with me this far..  Many Blessings to You!


  1. Can't wait to see the things you come up with :) glad you voiced how you feel in such a great way! love you sister!

    1. Love you too Sister! In order to move forward with the Cycle of Healing and my own journey I truly needed this post. I felt like I was hiding or diminishing who I truly was .. a theme common through out my journey but each time I find that I am a bit stronger for having communicated my needs and wants.

      Blessings to you Sister!


  2. Hooray for you, Kay! I just came across this Oprah quote on Fb, and it seems to be very appropriate to share here with you: "There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It is why you were born and how you become most truly alive."

    1. Thank You. Yes indeed that quote is so appropriate for me and where I am on my journey.

      Many Blessings


  3. Dearest Kay, I am so sorry that you are going through this and it was so hard to watch your video. You are so brave for making this video and for standing up for what's the most important thing, staying true to yourself. I'm a Christian and I have friends in every make and model. lol My faith is important to me , but I am not going to let that judge my friendships and judge against others for their faith or lack of, it's not what's important to me. Being a true friend and being there for each other is. Being loving and understanding is. So good for you for sticking up for yourself. It is your stream and do what YOU want and what makes you happy! Life is too short to spend it trying to please other people and be the person who they "think" you're supposed to be. I'm learning that right now myself. Bless you Kay!

  4. Kathleen: If you can't be you who are you going to be? I like and respect everything about you. I was devastated for you when that happened and I have still not forgiven the way it was told to you. You are wonderful and do not need to change anything about you. I am so glad you are standing up for what you believe in and for having the expectation that others will respect you for being yourself.

    I have not been at many of your streams lately because honestly I have just not been going to ustream much lately. I am not good at pretending to like everyone just because we belong to a large group. I find it stressful so I prefer to just watch a bit here and there.

    Good luck to you Kathleen,

    your friend always,

    1. Robin:

      Thank you for your support. It means more to me than you will ever know. All my attempts at caging my spirit has led to a suppressed immune system. I will return to streaming soon after I recover from the latest virus I have managed to catch that has left me with a severe sore throat and no voice.


  5. Kathleen - it was awful the way the whole situation was treated back then, and I am sorry that you have felt the needed to 'cage' your beliefs - I hope you find some peace in being truly 'you' on stream again and that you can find a place to be happy in. If that is you, then that is you and don't you ever apologise for it. Sometimes being part of a large group can do more harm than good especially when not everyone is as accepting of its diversities as they should be. I usually watch recordings these days so I do hope you record!! Arty Love, Julia. x

    1. Dearest Julia:

      This time around I did it to myself and that is the conclusion I came to all on my own. I struggled to find my inspiration my fire and wondered why. Once I started to examine my heart and my soul it quickly became very apparent to me why. I will try to remember to record always in the future. I am ill right now with no voice so as soon as it comes back I will be back to streaming as well.