Thursday, 20 December 2012

Please pray for my 18 year old best feline friend Griffin. He is crossing over and I dont know how much longer he will be with me here on earth. I have him here beside me so quiet so still hardly breathing .. he seems peaceful like he waited for me to come home from work and just wants to be near me. Two days in a row I have gotten home and he parked himself on my shoulder and around my neck like he did when he was a wee kitten. I have had Griffin most of my adult life.. we have gone through everything together.. a team.. be it through moves, break ups etc he has been the one constant and true companion of my life. I knew I could trust my husband Harvey when Griffin let him near me and in fact let Harv become his daddy. I love you Griffin there will never be another cat like you!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What has happened since my last post.. Well my computer fried itself and I spent two months getting it back with little to no access to the internet.

I did make the box deadline but do not have any stills.  I will however share the link to the video my secret sister Laurie posted on her youtube of her opening my box.

I have also uploaded my art pieces for 2011/2012 on my photobucket account

morganlefaegaia's 2012 Art pieces album on Photobucket
So what about goals for 2013?  Follow my art journey wherever it may lead.  No guilting myself no putting my art down just the pure joy of creating art my own way with my own voice from my own perspective.  I am so looking forward to where my art journey and my life is going in the year to come.

Lets Art!

Love and Laughter to you All!


Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I was privileged  enough to be invited to a new group of cigar box swappers that my friend Freespirt aka Lisa was starting up.  While I am anxiously awaiting a box of my own to open I thought I would share some stills of the items I made for my secret sister this month Terri.

July's Theme was The Secret Garden

I must say I had an absolute ball creating items for my secret sister and for this theme!  I love the movie The Secret Garden and this was my inspiration going into the box altering/making process.

This a shot of the top with the secret door closed.

A shot of the top of the box with the secret door open

 With the lid closed the front panel

 A shot of the side with the hinges.. learned my lesson never use grunge paper for hinges use only grunge board!  Avoid the headaches I had with your next set of hinges! :D

A shot of the lined interior.  The top is a green tapestry fabric from my scrap stash and the bottom velveteen material is not black but rather a very deep forest green with just a few sequins here and there that was leftover material from my wedding dress.  There is a very special part of me in this box!

We had a few other challenges like an altered dress form and a 6x6 layout here they are below

I made a few more handmade goodies for my secret sister here are some picks of them:

 An altered book

 An ATC with the word dream on the little metal piece

 Bookmark front
 Bookmark Back with inspiring words that I can not recall at the moment

 File Folder Postcard Holder front view
 File Folder Postcard Holder interior with postcard backgrounds
An original piece of art by me saying "OPEN THE SECRET DOOR TO YOUR DREAMS"

I hope you enjoyed your time here at Morgan's Fancies and as always I welcome any comments, hints, and suggestions that I can get.

Happy Arting


Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Great Secret Sister Box Exhange March 2012

I was lucky enough to participate in this first round of the box exchange graciously hosted by:
Laurel of Paper and Scissors Rock!

Here is the link to my ustream show where I featured myself making a box for my secret sister Lynne

Here is the link to the youtube video I made showing the contents of the box.

Thanks for watching

Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 Goal: Finish it Up!

Happy 2012!!

This is my first post of the year Ok first of all I must thank my friend Fran aka Ladyoflosttimes for the inspiration for my own self challenge. On her blog she is challenging people to not buy stuff until they have used their stashes up. To in fact Use it Up.

I had a flash of inspiration during today's stream to have my own take on things and actually challenge myself and anyone else who would like to join me to:

I do not know about anyone else but I have bucket loads of half finished projects lying around my craft space and I am challenging myself to get these projects done.

I am in the bad habit of starting backgrounds for things but never taking it any further. I have unfinished journals in the making, paintings half started etc etc the list goes on and on. So for the foreseeable future I am endeavoring to get at least 1 project done every two to three days.. but time is flexible.. at least at the very minimum 1 project done a week.

I am almost finished with a mini album that was a free make and take that I got back in November. I just need to bind it together. So there is one less project on my plate. Once it is finished I will take pictures and post them here. I am so excited about this and the use it up challenge from Fran!

Happy Arting!