Sunday, 4 August 2013

100 Day Challenge Day 4

Day four of my third season was tremendously satisfying!

I had spent the day cleaning and organizing my studio and in the process found spaces for all the new art supplies that have come my way in the last few days and spent quality time with my hubby to boot!

I am so grateful for my hubby as he is a maser organizer when we work together we accomplish so much!  Much more than on our own.  I now have a clear table to do my art on once again and look forward to finishing up some projects and venturing into new realms of art including making my own paper clay molds and porcelain clay.

Life is so much fun right now and I am so blessed and grateful!


Saturday, 3 August 2013

New go around with the 100 day challange.. Season 3 Days 1 to 3

Day 1

I am back for season 3!  I really love this challenge as when I look back I have realized that it has worked even if I am not actively pursuing it on a daily basis.

This time around I have picked today August 1st as my beginning point for season 3.  I have been preparing for this day for about two weeks or so now and I have found that manifestations have already started to appear for which I am extremely joyous and grateful for.

This season my goal all revolve around my life as an artist..  to increase my output to be more connected to the art I do produce and just to relax and let inspiration flow to and through me.

What manifestations of this have I seen since I set the intention about two weeks ago?
Inspiration in the form of past issues of Cloth Paper Scissors and many used art technique books that I have stumbled upon at garage sales and thrift stores for phenomenally low prices
Art supplies either given to me or bought for low prices

At least a half a dozen different weaving looms have come to me in one way or another!!
I am so lucky and grateful and excited to see where my art journey takes me next!
Bring on Season 3!!

Day 2

I am so grateful that I have not one but two jobs as the same location.  I am lucky to have a stable source of income.  No artwork done today but I did work 12 hours.  The day was tiring yes but went by fast.

Day 3

I am amazed!  I had set out to find a shuttle for my looms and went to a gigantic antiques warehouse hoping to discover one there.  I did not find one but I had stated to myself that if I could not find a shuttle then surprise me with items I am in need of.

Within 5 minutes of me saying this .. out loud no less I ended up finding lace trims, glitter sprays, and dies for my die cutting machine!!  All in new condition no less!!

This season is all about the development of my artistic style and supplies and tools have been falling into my lap at bargain basement prices!!  Before we even left town to go to the antiques warehouse we went garage saling and I got a new sewing machine smaller than my full size one and a mini chest to alter.

Today has been exciting and inspiring and I can not wait to see where my journey goes next!

Thanks for reading!!